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Paul Staab

Phd Student. Tyrannic Computer Enslaver. Red Cross Paramedic. Half Geek. Bad Photographer. Lazy Blogger.

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Benchmarking C++ Compilers. A Real World Example.

I was curios how different compilers and the optimization options affect thespeed of my DNA simulation program scrm. ...

How is my SSL?

An easy way to check your SSL/TLS security

My blog now supports https

My blog is now reachable via ssl. However, you mightneed to add the CaCert.org certificateto your browser first, or a...

Disabling Android Bloatware

Most Android devices ship with a lot of pre-installed crap. This Article deals with getting rid of it.

Speedup R by moving temporary files into memory

There are certain situations when you need to work with temporary files in R.For instance, my package Jaatha requires...