My Investments

This page gives a short overview of my investments. I invest primarily to build additional income for my retirement. All my investments are long-term, with exceptions of experiments I conduct to evaluate different asset classes.

This page is a report of what I am doing and does not constitute investment advice in any form.

General Strategy

I follow a passive investment strategy and try to avoid stock picking and market timing. I primarily invest in broadly diversified ETFs on the stock indices

  • MSCI World (70%)
  • MSCI Emerging Markets (30%)

for more than 90% of my investments. I am currently evaluating options for more sustainable and environmentally friendly indices here.

I also like to experiment with other asset classes and have smaller positions of less than 5% of my overall portfolio in

  • P2P- and Crowd-Investments
  • REITs
  • Commodities
  • Express certificates

Historical Performance

In the last years, I obtained the following returns:

Year Performance (TTWROR)
2016 3,39%
2017 3,82%
2018 -2,98%
2019 12,58%

Book Recommendations

For German readers, I recommend the following books to get started with investing in stocks: