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Jaatha is a parameter estimation method for estimating parameters of evolutionary models from genetic data. It applies machine learning to simulated data to generate a model with is then in turn used to estimate composite-likelihood parameters for the biological data. It is implemented as an R package and uses coala for conduction the simulations.


Coala is an R framework for coalescent simulation. It can be used to specify and simulated biological models of evolution. The models are build in a modular approach, and coala automatically calls different existing coalescent simulators and parse their results. It is the most sophisticated R package I have written so far.


The R package scrm contains is a version of the identically named coalescence simulator for the evolution of biological sequences. It offers convenient wrapper functions for calling the simulator, and transforms the simulation results to a format that is easily usable from within R.

Other Software


The simulator scrm can generate genetic data that evolved according to a given model. It implements an efficient algorithms that operates both backwards-in-time and along the sequence to generate a realistic correlation between genetic positions. It is written in C++11.


I'm a Data Scientist in Munich, Germany.

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